Home design for non-designers Working with the home you have (instead of against it)

Today we’re back with our series on home design for non-designers. (Yeah, I know:  It’s been awhile. A little bathroom project interrupted this party.) Missed the first three parts? You can check those out here: Part 1:  Two basic principles for creating a house that feels like home Part 2:  Your personal design principles Part(…)

Tile Saw Research

Well, I went over to Home Depot to check the price on renting a tile saw. 44 bucks per day. Kind of pricey. Especially since we tend to take our time on projects. I’m a bit worried that we’d need 3 or 4 days or that we’d have to work long hours to get it(…)

The best birthday present we can give our kids

This week my babies…  turned 14:                               And next week Cane’s baby…   will be turning 11:   If you’ve ever had a baby, you know how it is when they are born: You hold a tiny morsel (or two) of(…)

Desk renovation

Once upon a time I had a little boy whose best toy was his imagination. (“Because I can’t break it or lose it,” he told me earnestly when he was three.)   As he grew older… …he put away his childish things (because even a boy with a big, indestructible imagination still has things). However,(…)

The 70′s called…

…and we invited them to stay for dinner. When I was a young 20something, I found the idea of vintage mixed china rather romantic. I made occasional forays to Goodwill, thinking I would find just the right pieces of Grandma-style dinnerware to create an artsy, eclectic collection of prettiness. Something like this: Or this: Problem(…)

Plumbing done! (We think.)

Made only a small amount of progress on the bathroom project last weekend. It’s hard to do any time-consuming jobs on the weekends when we have all the kids here. They all get a bit cranky if they don’t have enough attention from us, so we end up doing smaller jobs that we can accomplish(…)

Spreading some blog love today

What makes a blog stand out for you? You know, enough to get you to subscribe.  And not just subscribe, but check it even before you get a notice about a new post–because you want to make sure that you didn’t miss one. Because you like it that much. I’m guessing there aren’t that many(…)