Fabric flowers

Cane and I aren’t the only ones in the family who like to get creative.  Today we’ve got a guest post from Grace–a girl who loves her writing, her friends, and her hot glue gun.  We think she’s got a blogging future ahead of her.


Sorting through my closet the other day, I found some jeans that were either too small, too baggy, or just too out of style. Instead of throwing them out, I spent my snow day making these.
Now I’ll tell you how you can, too!

First, the Seam Sunflower.

Find a pair of jeans that are stained, don’t fit, or you just are tired of.

For the Seam Sunflower, all you need is the seam, hence its name. Don’t throw away the rest though, you’ll need it for the other denim flower.

Cut out the thick of the seam so that it is 28-30 inches long. The longer it is, the bigger the center of the flower will be.

For this project you will need-besides the pair of jeans-a hot glue gun.

Be careful. When the hot glue lands right on your skin, especially the sensitive skin of your fingers or the palm of your hand, it turns to this.

Glue the tip to the side of the seam, making a loop, so it looks like a petal. The petal should be about two and a half inches long when flattened.

Do this again, making sure the petals are the same size.

To help, flatten the petals against each other so you can make sure they’re the same length.

Once you are towards the end of the strip (you should have about five petals) cut off the extra so there is about half an inch extra on the flower. Then glue this extra against the side of the petal next to it, as shown.

This is the extra strip you cut off. It should be at least two inches long.

Roll it up nice and tight, gluing the end onto body, as shown.

Put glue on the bottom of the coil, mainly just near the edge, and press it down on the center of the petals. There you have it! You’re done! You now have your own Seam Sunflower!

Next, you have the Denim Daisies.

Cut a piece of fabric one and a half inches wide and 27-28 inches long.

Fold it in half, so the dark side is on the outside. Glue the sides together with a dot of glue every few inches. If you place the dots too close together, the fabric won’t be able to bend into petals.

It should end up looking like this. If there are gaps, you don’t have to fix them yet; there will be time for that later.

Fold the petals like you did for the Seam Sunflower, only make the petals one and a half inches when laid flat. Cut off the excess like before, and glue the extra thats on the flower against the petal beside it.

This is when you fill in the gaps of the folds. This makes the petals look flatter, which for this flower, is better.

Take the extra piece you set aside earlier, gluing all the sides together.

Roll it up and glue it closed like before.

Drizzle glue around the side of the center and push it into the center of the flower, like above. Now you’re done!

These funky Fabric Flowers can be used as wall decor, or if you glue a bobby pin to the bottom, fashionable hair accessories!

girl wearing fabric flower in her hair

The possibilities are endless, so have fun with it!

Tell us what you think…

What’s your favorite thing to do with old jeans?


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