Bathroom progress, week 2

Today we’ve got an update on our progress in the Imagine the Impossibilities Challenge, which you can read about here (or here or here or here or here).  Click here for our week 1 progress report.

This weekend, all three kids were with their other parents.  All weekend.  0 kids.

I’m sure you can do the math:

2 days + 3 nights + 0 kids = Not a lot of obvious progress on the bathroom renovation

But let’s break the numbers down further

1 movie + 1 play = lots to talk about that doesn’t include plumbing, tiles, fixtures, or cabinetry.

midnight in paris poster

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1 brisk walk in a favorite neighborhood + lingering light on a Saturday afternoon + 2 hands holding = good exercise that doesn’t leave us with sore backs, smashed fingers, or scraped shins.

1 hour in a coffee shop with tea, bread pudding, and savory cornbread, watching the people of Portlandia, goofing around with the camera, laughing about how we will never, ever be hip = a kind of bonding agent they don’t carry at Lowe’s or Home Depot.

cornbread on plate

(3 hours + many many many boxes of Pratt & Larson tile at the Habitat for Humanity ReStore) + (.05 cents x 262 tiles) = more than enough progress toward reaching our goal.

1 long soak in the new tub – (wallboard + tile + spout) = inspiration to keep going.

1 man + 2 Hardibacker panels + 2 hours = extra credit/personal victory/evidence to support our belief that we can do this project.

hardibacker panels going in

1 clean house + a quiet dinner + a blazing fire = a lovely end to a lovely weekend.

fire in brick fireplace

To measure progress accurately…

…you’ve got to have the right ruler.

Any house can be beautiful, but a home is only as lovely as the family inside of it is happy.

How did you make progress on your home this weekend?