Come in, look around… stay awhile

We really want to show you a tour of our whole house.

Actually, we really wanted to show you a tour of our whole house back before we even started This (sorta) Old Life.  We wanted to document where we began, so that (we hope) in the future we’ll have tangible proof of how far we’ve come.

It didn’t happen.  Some things we had to change right away, before the blog was launched.

miniature daschund on small ottoman on cork floor

Have we mentioned that we love the cork floors we put in the first week we lived here? Yes, we have. Many times.

And, some things we’ve changed even since we started writing–but the documentation didn’t happen.  I was feeling sort of hangdog about that until I read this post over on Thistlewood Farm, and then I felt a little better about it.

Sometimes, we have to choose between doing and blogging–and we usually choose doing.

table with stacks of old photos

From a photo-organizing project. The project got done, but the blog post never did.

Sometimes, it just takes a long time to do the blogging the way we want to do it.

So, for both reasons, we’re not ready to show you the whole house.

Still, we don’t want to wait until we have time to do the whole she-bang up right. As we’ve learned with painting our walls, it’s OK to break a big job down into small chunks and just do one chunk at a time. (Hmmm…we’ve become so devoted to this idea I think it’s time to update our How we roll philosophy page. Dang, there’s another thing to do…)

So, we’re publishing our house tour page today, even though it contains only our living area and kitchen. For now.

We’ll keep adding to it a little at a time. 2012 will be our first full year in this place we now call home, and we’d like to consider the state it is in right now, today, as our before. (Even though we had a different before when we moved in back in August.) It might take us a little while to get all the photos up, but they have been taken. We’ll get to that master bathroom pretty quickly, as changes are going to be happening fast and furious in there.

Setting some goals

While we’re sure we’ll make lots of little tweaks throughout the house in the coming year, there are a few big projects that we really hope to finish before 2013:

Exterior paint:  Our exterior is not only bland (see below), it’s also downright bare in spots.  This is a have-to.

Master bathroom:  As mentioned above, this project is already underway.  Until we finish it, we really don’t have a master bath.

Wallpaper removal and paint:  We’ve got lots of bad wallpaper and paint colors we don’t like (which we shared fully here). We’d like it all gone before next Christmas. Our forays into painting the living room and kitchen walls have shown us how much the wall color affects our feelings in the space.  And our big, overall goal is to have a house that feels like home, and a home that feels good.

Stay and hang around a while

We hope you’ll click on over to our House Tour page before leaving us today.  We love our house the way we love our children–we think it’s charming and full of potential and we want the whole world to recognize how wonderful it is, even as we know it’s a work in progress that’s in need of shaping and nurturing.  And sometimes a little toughlove.

Your feedback and comments on how we might help it become all that it could be are always appreciated!

exterior of 70s split level home


Looking for more home goals inspiration?  I’m linking to Nesting Place’s 2012 Home Goals Party today.  Should be lots of great ideas there…