A little TCB this morning…

You might notice the new look at the top of our blog.  There’s a reason we’ve done a little makeover on our banner business. When we started out back in October, we had some ideas about what we’d blog about and why, but we were open to whatever might come of it.  Our primary goal(…)

Bathroom Renovation Doing it the 12-step way

 Imagine the Impossibilities Challenge, Final Progress Report The “Imagine the Impossibilities” Challenge is wrapping up this week, but our bathroom renovation is moving along slowly. We won’t be finished with our challenge when the challenge officially ends. Luckily, we have a second bathroom on the main floor, so we aren’t in a huge rush to get(…)

Too much stuff? (Killing the Junk Beast)

We moved to our new house on August 1 last year. We used the biggest U-Haul we could get, and we filled the entire thing. Twice. This is what our garage looked like 10 days after moving: 27 days later, on September 6, our garage still looked like this: And that was after purging a(…)

Fabric flowers

Cane and I aren’t the only ones in the family who like to get creative.  Today we’ve got a guest post from Grace–a girl who loves her writing, her friends, and her hot glue gun.  We think she’s got a blogging future ahead of her. ************************ Sorting through my closet the other day, I found(…)

Bathroom progress, week 2

Today we’ve got an update on our progress in the Imagine the Impossibilities Challenge, which you can read about here (or here or here or here or here).  Click here for our week 1 progress report. This weekend, all three kids were with their other parents.  All weekend.  0 kids. I’m sure you can do the(…)

Home design for non-designers Part III: What's YOUR kind of nice?

Today is the first set of assignments to help you play with discovering/creating your own design style. Did you miss parts 1 and 2 of our design for non-designers series?   You can find them here and here.  In the comments to Part II of our series, MamaHolt (from one of my favorite blogs, Wabi-Sabi Home(…)