Year-end review: Our top 11 in 2011

Today’s the day for contemplation and reflection on the 364 that have preceded it.  While I’m not much of one for the champagne and hoo-hah of New Year’s Eve and rarely make resolutions and think this is a bit of an arbitrary marker from one unit of time to another, I do like to look(…)

The big reveal–Not!

One of my favorite parts of home/design blogs are the big reveals–the posts where bloggers reveal a newly renovated/redecorated room.  I love these posts:  I love the dramatic transformations from a (usually) horrible before to the completely re-done after.  (If you want a regular fix of the before/after high, check out Better After, a blog(…)

How to make a sweater stocking and a whole lot more

I know:  The Christmas crafting boat pretty much left the harbor at least a week ago.  For most of us the preparations are done and we’re in the thick of celebration.  This post, however, is not really a quick and easy tutorial on how to whip up a Christmas stocking out of an old sweater(…)

Gingerpalooza! A step-by-step guide for making memories

We know it’s a bit late for a how-to on throwing a holiday party… ..seeing as Christmas is only 5 days away!  But we wanted to get this down while it’s still fresh in our minds (and share photos for those who wanted some).  We figure we’ll pull this one out again in early December(…)

Easy kitchen art gallery

If you’ve landed here from the It’s a Cinch party, we want to say just a few things before you read any further: 1. Yes, this is a post from December. 2. No, we don’t still have a Christmas tree up in our living room. 3. There’s a reason we decided to go ahead and(…)

The one that got away

Last week I found the the most awesome deal probably ever.  A sweet little mid-century cabinet at Goodwill. It wasn’t Danish and it wasn’t a super high-end piece, but I liked it.  A lot.  It was in good shape and had door detail I haven’t seen before, cool knobs, and nice legs.  (I’ve always been(…)

Gingerbread and nerf guns and spaghetti, oh my!

A few weeks back I had a little holiday rant of sorts.  Truth is, this time of year is hard for me, filled as it is with ghosts of Christmases past. I grew up in a big tangled web of family, and holidays were busy, noisy, and fun.  It’s not like that so much now.