(nearly) Wordless Weekend in Review Sometimes a picture is worth a thousand words


old-school chalkboard with family graffitti

Got the old chalkboard back up in the kitchen. Really, we're not as rude as the chalkboard might make it seem.


mid-century vintage dresser

We got a new dresser this weekend. Well, new to us.


Fall tree full of red leaves

Enjoyed what may have been the last weekend full of fall color.


boys playing football

Attended Will's end-of-season party, officially bringing football to a close. Best part: The team won the sportsmanship award for their division.


plate of beignets

Cane made beignets! Good for the spirit, if not the waistline.


roux being poured into chicken soup

I learned how to make roux via The Pioneer Woman (link at end of post).


Dad and daughter walking the dogs

On our way to the tree fort in the woods.


Boy in tree fort

Will conquers the tree fort!


Two girls smiling

Had one of our favorite guests spend the night.

scraping wallpaper border off a wall

We do not finish this project, which we began last weekend. We didn't even make any progress on it. That's because we were having too much fun playing games, watching our favorite shows together, cooking, and enjoying gorgeous sunny days. Hope you had a great weekend, too!


How about you?

What did you do this weekend?


Chicken soup with rice recipe (and roux image) can be found here.