What you don’t see is what you get

During this morning’s procrastination blog reading, I ran across one blogger’s description of the cluttery, crafty, Christmasy mess that filled her home over the weekend. Then I looked around our place, and this is what I saw:

Why less is more when making a home

For almost two years, I’ve been reading what I call the house blogs:  People blogging about fixing up their houses.  There are all kinds of them, and they overlap with some other categories–DIY decoration blogs, craft blogs, lifestyle blogs that feature a lot of DIY projects. I started reading them because I was fixing up(…)

Why decorations aren’t exactly art

Disclaimer: I am sometimes snarky. Often times snobbish. It’s a character defect for sure. It’s also part of who I am. I’m guessing that some of that will come across in this post. I want to be true to who I am, but I also don’t really mean to offend anyone. My intent is to(…)

Why clothing matters

In high school, I was a cheerleader.  I tend not to share that too much these days (mostly because I don’t much appreciate the snorts of laughter that usually follow my revelation), but I’m sharing it here because it’s relevant to today’s post topic: clothing. One of the main attractions of cheerleading for me was(…)