Welcome to our world

We’re glad you’re here.  Sometimes it’s a little nutty around these parts, and we could use some grown-up company. With three kids, two dogs, and two ex-spouses in our family dynamic, our world is often hectic. On a good day. On a bad one, well…

We figure if you’re here, you know how it is. Or maybe that you’re like those people who slow down to look at car wrecks on the side of the highway, curious and concerned and grateful that it’s not you inside that mangled heap of metal.

Not that I’m saying our life is a car wreck.  I like to think that our life is interesting. Full. Rich. Complex. Layered. More like a good wine than a car wreck. I like to think that because it really is.

Problem is, a steady diet of wine–no matter how fine–can leave you feeling a little wobbly.  Which is why we’re here, launching this new blog baby into the larger world.

We love each other and those kids and (most of the time) the dogs, and we want to fully enjoy and experience all the good things that fill our days. Sometimes (more than we’d like), the rich, layered, complex mix that is our life gets in the way of that. Sometimes (more than we’d like) just taking care of everything keeps us from fully appreciating all that we have.

So, we want to get better at this business of living, and we’re setting off on a journey to do just that.

This blog is where we plan to chronicle and share what we’re learning and the progress we’re making.

Why are we adding one more thing to the mix?

We’ve each blogged enough to know that a good blog takes time and commitment.  (You can see Cane’s The Gentle Art here and my The Intertidal Years here.)  But we think this blog will add to the quality of our lives, not detract from it. Here’s why:

We know we’re not the only ones trying to drink the heady wine of our lives without crashing the car.  We know you’re out there, and we want to find you.  As teachers, we’ve both enjoyed the sense of community that we find in classrooms, and we’re interested in seeing if we can find some of that online, with others who are learning about the same kinds of things we’re learning about.

Where's the microwave? They were still the stuff of sci fi back when we were kids.

Although we were born before the advent of personal computers, cell phones, and Facebook (heck, we were born before the invention of calculators, microwaves, and Pong), we find the world of digital media fascinating, compelling, and fun–and we want to be part of it.

Because much as we love being parents and teachers who take care of and promote the growth of others, we want something for ourselves.  We used to team-teach, and we loved doing that creative work together.  We miss it.  We think this will be fun, and one way we’d like to fix up our lives is to get more fun into them.

And we both know that a little accountability will go a long way toward keeping us on track with meeting our goals.  Needing to write posts means we’ll need to keep tackling our list of projects.

So what’s the plan?

Despite my inclination to bite off huge chunks of whatever catches my attention (and then choke on it), we’re going to start small. You can expect to see two posts a week from us, one on Tuesday and one on Friday.

In them, we’ll chronicle what we’re fixing up and share what we’ve learned. We are both, in our own ways, information geeks, and we’re planning to serve up resources, ideas, and inspiration along with our story.

As it says on our About page, we’re planning to tackle a little bit of everything. We’ve just moved into a new (to us) house, so we’ve got lots planned for home renovation/repair. But we’re also stirring together our two families, so you can expect some renovation/repair in the area of family life, too.  As well as in our finances, health, and the aforementioned fun.

And you?

We also plan to ask regularly about you and the projects you’re working on. That’s not because we’re chasing comments or just being polite.  (That’s two kinds of $h!t we’re too old for.) It’s because we really mean those words a few paragraphs back about finding some community online. We really want to know about you–who you are and what you’re up to.

So:  What about you?  What are you working on repairing/renovating/fixing up in your world?  

Curious minds want to know…

Update:  12/31/2011:  About that whole posting on Tuesday and Friday thing–not so much.  We do try for two posts a week, but the days vary.  We might try to work on getting more regular in 2012.  We might not.

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