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We understand your hesitation. There’s about a million home blogs out there.

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Well, maybe not a million. But it sure feels like it, doesn’t it? And you don’t want all of them filling your reader or your inbox or your Facebook feed.

If you think about all the blogs in all the other niches we play with–simple living, lifestyle, food, frugal living–there’s a whole lot of people trying to get your attention on the same topics we’re writing about.

Which raises a really good question:

Why pay attention to us?

While we definitely appreciate a blog with great projects and photos and writing (and strive to deliver the same) we think it’s not really those things that get us to go back to the blogs we follow.

We think it’s the blogger’s beliefs about family, and living, and home.

That’s the foundation of our blog, the base upon which all our content is built. Our beliefs inform everything:  What we do, how we do it, and what we decide to write about.

So, if you want to know whether we’ve got anything worth saying to you, or if we’re the kind of people you want to hang out with on a regular basis, you’ve gotta know our beliefs–and, if the questions we find compelling are the same ones you’re trying to answer.

Here they are:

We believe in today. Life is too short to waste any days wishing for someday–the day we have a better job, more time, a different home. Today is the only day we’ve really got, and we want to make the most of it.

What have you got today and what are you going to do with it?

ella sprinkler


We believe in small pleasures. Eating a warm cookie with a cold glass of milk. Arranging our favorite flowers in an old canning jar. Cooking dinner while dancing to the songs that got our hips moving back in high school. (That would be chocolate chip, sunflowers, and Joan Jett’s “I Love Rock -n Roll.”)

What are your small pleasures?

sunflowers in jar


We believe in big dreams. Making a cool home that’s comfortable, pleasing, frugal, and fun. Raising smart, kind, generous, creative, happy kids. Creating a raucous family that plays hard, works easy, and loves deeply.

What are your dreams?

cane and will carrying table


We believe in second chances. For everything–art, furniture, houses. Routines, habits, beliefs. Families, people, dreams. We’ve done lots of things wrong in our time. We believe it’s not too late to get them right.

What in your life would be better with a do-over?



We believe good enough is good enough. Would we like to have a tidy house with no fugliness? Would we like to be always-patient, understanding, thoughtful parents who never lose their tempers? Would we like to pay all our bills on time, never run out of toilet paper, and clean spilled stuff in the fridge as soon as we see it? Sure, sure, and sure. Do we need all of that to be happy and healthy and generally OK? No.

Good enough is good enough. Perfect is crazy-making. Not to mention boring.

What is good enough for you?

messy table


We believe that every human being has a need to create, a drive no less important than the ones to eat, to sleep, to mate.

What do you long to create?

door coffee table top view


We believe in celebrating and satisfying our creative drivein whatever form it takes–whether that’s writing a poem, painting a landscape, composing a song, baking a pie, tiling a wall, or designing a table. We believe that doing so is necessary for each of us to be happy, healthy people.

How do you satisfy and celebrate your creative drive?

art line

We believe that all creative forms have value—that a place setting or a meal can be as important and meaningful and beautiful as a poem. Really.

What’s important and meaningful and beautiful to you?

muffins with strawberries


While all creative forms have equal value, we believe that some creative expressions have more value than others. You know that poetic place setting? We think some are the equivalent of greeting card drivel, but some—they are the place setting equivalent of Roethke or Oliver or Neruda.

We believe in examining and exploring our values because they’re our compass, and it’s hard to get where you want to go without one.

What are your creative values?

4 plates with flowers


We believe in becoming. We believe that all of us are good enough–more than good enough–just as we are, but that living well is about growing into who we haven’t yet become. We believe that the opposite of becoming is spiritual death.

Even though we love a good zombie flick, we don’t believe in the walking dead and we certainly don’t want to be the walking dead.

What are you becoming?


We believe in discovering, curating, and figuring out what we love. As opposed to shopping, decorating, or figuring out what everyone else loves. This is why our home is filled with old furniture, personal art, and sentimental mementos.

What fills your home–and how did you choose it?

mod vase


We believe function and meaning should drive all our decisions about home. We want a home that looks good, but it’s more important to have one that works good and feels good. It’s why we have a library instead of a dining room, and a bookcase filled with books, not tchotchkes. (But we do have tchotchkes…and we can tell you a story about every single one of them.)

What drives your decisions about home?

fireplace mantel, facing toward library


We believe in being who we are (as opposed to who others think we should be)–because we believe that satisfying the quirky, creative, soulful being we’re all carrying around in the suitcase of our bodies is the only way any of us is ever going to be happy and do good in this world.

How do you express who you really are?


We believe in fun. We’re damn serious about making a good life, and we’re damn serious about not taking it all too seriously. We believe in laughing a lot while we’re trying stuff out, messing up, doing over. (And in making goofy Cabbage Patch Doll faces while hanging out in the back yard with the kids.)

What’s your kind of fun?


We believe in story—the telling of them, the reading of them. We believe in the power of story to shape us, to comfort us, to teach us, to connect us. And that’s why we’re telling ours here.

What are the stories you want to tell and read?


Most of all, we believe that how you do home is how you do life–and that everyone can have the life and home of their dreams. Even if your house is not your dream home, and your life doesn’t look much like you once hoped it would.

Do you do home the way you want to do life?

living room toward stairs


And when it comes to blogging, we believe this:

What we’re about doesn’t really matter unless our story can help you create the stuff of your dreams.

We’re living for us, but we’re writing for you. 

That said, we don’t write for everybody (although lots of different kinds of people read us).

We write for those who…

  • Want to be intentional in making a home.
  • Like a good story (because we wrap most of our ideas in the blanket of story).
  • Are as interested in the why of a project as the how of it.
  • Don’t have all the answers, but love exploring the questions.
  • Want to stay and linger awhile.
  • Aren’t put off by occasional snark, strong opinions, and irreverence.

Want a standing invitation to hang out at our place?

If this sounds like your kind of blog, we’d love to have you over all the time. 

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